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Full-Time MBA Student Ambassadors

Briana Powell

Briana Powell
Major: Elementary Education
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Columbia, TN

Pre-MBA career experience:
Teacher, Frankling Special School District.

Post-MBA career goal:
HR Manager or HR Business Partner.

Why choose Wisconsin MBA?
Honestly, I chose Wisconsin MBA Program because of the ambassadors I was able to meet before I made my decision. Their enthusiasm for the program as well as their genuineness to hear my reservations made me feel valued as a potential student. I knew this was a special place to be and couldn’t wait to get started.

What I love most about UW is all the support from career coaches, second years, and alumni. It is ok to not know what you want to do or where you want to work. No matter your background or experience level, you will be so prepared and have the tools you need to be successful.

Fun fact:
I have donated 33 units, equivalent to 4 gallons, of blood to The American Red Cross since the age of 16.