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MS in Business Analytics Student Ambassadors

Hanjun Wang

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Major: Mathematics/Financial Analysis and Risk Management
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Zhejiang, China

Post-MBA career goal:
Business Intelligence Analyst/Business analyst/Strategy analyst

Why choose Wisconsin MBA?
WSB is career-oriented, providing us with career guidance and future path planning. Its Applied Consulting Practicum also caught my eye, where I could gain hands-on consulting experience for a real company, bridging the gap between career and classroom. At the same time, learning business analytics can use data as raw materials to systematically understand business phenomena, rather than just perceptual cognition like ordinary consumers. It helps identify growth opportunities and provides data support for corporate strategy and business decisions, which will help me a lot in my future career.

You probably haven’t figured out what to do next – that’s okay, Wisconsin master’s program has a lot of options, consider building a connection, reaching out to someone on the faculty or fellow students in order to get information on the courses, their plans and passion about the graduate program.

Fun fact:
I am from China, but I have been studying and working in Canada for the last seven years. I love to travel, I am a person who is willing to try and take risks, so I chose the United States as my next stop and I came to WSB to study.