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MS in Business Analytics Student Ambassadors

Haoming Liu

Haoming Liu
Major: Finance
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: China

Post-MBA career goal:
Business Analyst

Why choose Wisconsin MBA?
Firstly, I felt so warm during the application process. All the questions from my side were answered quickly and with great patience. I had a very good impression of this school. Secondly, I like Madison, where the campus locates. It’s safe, peaceful, and beautiful. In addition, UW-Madison has a respected reputation in the United States with many successful and generous alumni. Last but not the least, I love the curriculum setting of MSBA at UW-Madison. It’s tech and practical.

Be clear about what you want to gain in a master’s program, which is always the first step before you make any decision. If you want to study in a flexible, cost-effective program with a comprehensive and tech curriculum, of course, you will choose Wisconsin. Studying here is a very enjoyable experience. Students and professors are just so nice and are always ready to listen and give a hand. I can’t help fall in love with everything here.

Fun fact:
I was responsible for recruitment in the undergraduate school’s biggest student art organization. I held school galas and music festivals in that art organization. So, I have experience in holding big events, and I love to do them.