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Full-Time MBA Student Ambassadors

John Kujawski

John Kujawski
Specialization: Real Estate
Major: Business Admin W/Concentration in Finance & Minor in Sustainability Studies
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Mattituck, NY

Pre-MBA career experience:
New Business Acquisitions Manager, Icon Properties Real Estate Specialists.

Post-MBA career goal:
TBD. Acquisitions Associate.

Why choose Wisconsin MBA?
I chose Wisconsin after a visit in July and a meeting with some department heads and students. The area really struck me as close to home and their program is top notch. Additionally, the friendliness of the area is bar none.

Join! I would say, experiencing Madison for yourself is truly a treat. If you can’t, then to meet and chat with students from around the world is not something that will be available to you in other programs.

Fun fact:
I worked at a winery for 7 years, pouring wine and helping customers. Prior to that an organic farm for 6/7 years throughout high school and into my first couple years of college. Also, my grandfather’s family has been potato farming in the North Fork for 100+ years.