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Full-Time MBA Student Ambassadors

Juan-Pablo Garcia-Lopez

Juan Pablo García-López
Specialization: Marketing
Major: Business
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Bogota, Colombia

Pre-MBA career experience:
Category Manager, Linio Group in Bogota, Colombia.

Post-MBA career goal:
First of all, a 360 degree understanding of marketing, from product and brand management, to sales strategies and project management. I also hope to have a large network of business professionals. Last but not least, I hope to have a full time offer in a US Company.

Why choose Wisconsin MBA?
Because of its specialization method.

To take advantage of the specialization system at the WSB. You will still be in a top level MBA but will have a focus in what you really want. Also, the career management team is an excellent resource that will be there for you to assist you in achieving all your professional goals.

Fun fact:
I am a huge sports fan (any kind of sport), I can talk about golf, tennis, basketball, American football and even bowling.