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MS in Business Analytics Student Ambassadors

Sarah LaBorde

Sarah LaBorde
Major: Finance and Marketing
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Stratford, WI

Post-MBA career goal:
I want to get industry experience in analytics for a few years, but ultimately aim to start my own venture or consulting practice.

Why choose Wisconsin MBA?
I fell in love with Madison during my four years of undergrad. Coming from a town with just over 1,000 people, I was able to build connections and have experiences that would not have previously been possible. However, the main push for me was how the WSB truly is a family. No matter what question I had, or how many questions there were, there was always someone there willing to talk about my future. Furthermore, through these conversations I was able to receive an extremely generous scholarship to the program which helped immensely with financial constraints.

There will always be moments of hesitation when choosing to take that next step; especially when it comes to furthering education. Personally, I was uncertain about my next step for over six months, going back and forth between full-time jobs and a master’s program. My decision became easier when I had several conversations and began to realize how much each member of the Wisconsin School of Business community truly cares for former, current, and potential students. Additionally, the connections you can build during your program and the network you have access to afterward are incomparable. Not only does this school have some of the top-ranked programs in the nation, but it also has an expansive network of fellow Badgers willing to help you be your best self. Ultimately, this school was the best choice for me, but that did not come without consideration. I would highly encourage you to keep having conversations, such as this, with faculty and students to help find your right fit – And never be afraid of asking the ‘scary’ questions. Following your passion is never a mistake, and know that this institution is an excellent place to keep moving forward, together.

Fun fact:
I currently have 52 plants (but one year ago couldn’t keep a single one alive – persistence!)