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Erdman Executive Advisory Board

James Brummond

Vice President of Customer and Community Engagement

Alliant Energy Corp.

JP Brummond is the Vice President of Customer and Community Engagement for Alliant Energy Corporation. Since 2002 JP has managed a variety of business units for Alliant Energy Corporation, including Energy Market Operations, Gas and Hydroelectric Generation, and Electric and Gas Distribution Systems (aka Customer Operations). Prior to Alliant Energy he worked for Exelon Corporation in and near Chicago, managing the chemical operations of both coal and nuclear power plants. He then became an independent consultant for EPRI as well as a director in a start-up company for two very interesting years. JP received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2001 and a Master’s in Business Administration from the Chicago Booth School of Business in 2000. JP lives in Sun Prairie, WI with his wife and their two daughters and looks forward to family outings, jogging, fishing, and watching football.