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BEL Admissions

Start Your BEL Program Journey

The Business Emerging Leaders (BEL) Program is committed to promoting a diverse learning community in the Wisconsin School of Business and increasing the diversity of students preparing for business careers in the School’s undergraduate program.

The best organizations are led by diverse workforces. Business leaders know that in order to compete globally, they must engage with and hire individuals with diverse perspectives and experiences. It is through collaboration and a shared understanding of each other’s experiences and cultures that organizations can excel.


Students are selected based on their demonstrated academic success in 9th and 10th grade, leadership skills, and potential to excel in business at the university.

BEL applicants must:

Application Materials

Your application consists of the following required elements:

  • Online application form
  • Personal essay: How did you become interested in business? What motivated you to apply to the Business Emerging Leaders (BEL) Program? What would you uniquely contribute to the BEL program? (500 word limit)
  • My Story creative video (see below)
  • Official high school transcript(s)
  • Two letters of recommendation, including one from a 9th or 10th grade math teacher

Creating the Video for Your Application

Your My Story creative video brings your application to life. Follow these guidelines to create a successful video that shows us who you are and why you are a great fit for the BEL Program.

Tell us about yourself

Help us get to know who you are by responding to the following prompt:

“Research shows that students who have worked to achieve a long-term goal are well positioned for success in college and in life. Tell us about a time you set a goal for yourself, and then worked hard to achieve it. It might be a goal related to academics, athletics, an extracurricular pursuit, or a skill you wanted to learn or to improve. We’re interested to know how and why you selected this goal, what you did to achieve it, and what you learned about yourself in the process.”

Focus on who you are—don’t worry about the technology

Using the video camera on a smartphone is perfectly acceptable. If you do not have access to a smartphone or video camera, please check with one of your high school teachers, counselors, or librarians to make arrangements to borrow equipment.

Submit a video that is 2-3 minutes long and tell your story! Your video must be in .mov, .mp4, or .wmv format and not exceed 500 MB.