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Linette Rousseau

Linette Rousseau
PhD Student | Accounting and Information Systems
Job Candidate
Accounting and Information Systems
4171 Grainger Hall


Linette’s research interests include auditors’ reporting and disclosure decisions, audit regulation, and corporate governance. She is known for her archival and qualitative research on expanded audit reporting, and has three papers and one work in process examining key audit matter and critical audit matter disclosures. Linette is a CPA, Elijah Watt Sells Award winner, Deloitte Foundation Doctoral Fellow, and has won multiple awards for her teaching at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Linette will finish her Ph.D. at UW – Madison in May of 2022 and aspires to an Assistant Professorship at a tier-one research institution. Before joining the Ph.D. program, Linette worked in KPMG’s Federal Government Auditing practice in Washington, DC.