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– Sarada

Assistant Professor | Management and Human Resources
4297 Grainger Hall


*The most current versions of my CV, research and teaching can be accessed through my personal website:


Selected Published Journal Articles

Sarada. & Tocoian, O. (2019). Is it all about who you know? Prior work connections and entrepreneurial success Industrial and Labor Relations Review

Sarada. & Ziebarth, N. & Andrews, M. (2019). Changes in the Demographics of American Inventors, 1870-1940 Explorations in Economic History

Sarada. & Gordon, R. (2019). The role of the corporate tax Elements in Public Economics, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Sarada. & Gordon, R. (2018). How should taxes be designed to encourage entrepreneurship Journal of Public Economics

Sarada. Unpacking the Paradox of Entrepreneurial Returns: the Divergent Narratives of Consumption and Income, Revise and Resubmit, 2022 Review of Economics and Statistics


Undergraduate Courses

Entrepreneurial Finance (FIN 457), Fall 2015.
Discusses the tools helpful for financing new ventures, with emphasis on their applications. The course also helps students understand the institutional setting that has an impact on the financing conditions of new ventures.

Entrepreneurial Finance (FIN 457), Spring 2023.

Graduate Courses

Entrepreneurial Finance (FIN 757), Spring 2023.

Entrepreneurial Finannce (FIN 757), Spring 2023.