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About Us

UW–Madison’s Department of Risk and Insurance is ranked as the #1 insurance program in the country by U.S. News & World Report (2020), and has the distinction of being one of only 26 colleges and universities throughout the world to obtain the Center of Actuarial Excellence recognition through the Society of Actuaries.


We cultivate and disseminate ideas through research and educational programs in areas relating to actuarial science, business analytics, decision-making under uncertainty, and risk management. These activities both inform business and public policy decision-making and propel the delivery of highly valued applied educational programs.


We are globally recognized as thought leaders in domains relating to actuarial science, business analytics, risk management, and insurance economics. Through the excellence of our scholarship and the quality of our educational programs, we positively influence our profession as well as the lives of our students, alumni, and those whom they touch.


We value knowledge

We have a passion for learning and strive for excellence in knowledge creation. We aspire to be a critical component of the circle of knowledge, both learning from and sharing with academic peers, industry experts, and students in our programs.

We value diversity

We believe in the benefit of diversity in perspectives, background, experiences, ways of thinking and types of thought. We seek to celebrate and enhance diversity.

We value excellence

We have a reputation for excellence in everything we do and regularly seek out opportunities for greatness and distinction.

We value leadership

We are known worldwide as innovative thought leaders in our field and we instill leadership skills and values to others in the classroom and beyond.

We value connections

We believe in service to our students, industry, the community, and alumni, and we excel in fostering open lines of communication with and among them.

Donation Fund

We are grateful for the generous financial support from our friends and alumni to support our activities throughout the years. If you wish to make a donation, click either Actuarial Program Fund or Risk Management and Insurance Fund.