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Student Ambassadors

Connect With a Current Executive MBA Student

Our Wisconsin Executive MBA student ambassadors are an enthusiastic group of current students who are happy to share their experiences and tell you why they chose the Wisconsin MBA. They come from diverse backgrounds and hold a variety of professional roles. 

To get started, send us an email at and tell us a little about yourself and any questions you have.

Meet the Ambassadors

“My career has focused in health care administration, with past leadership roles in hospice and in public health. In my current role I am accountable for clinical operations for pediatric primary care and urgent care.”
Shawnee Parens (MBA ’22)
Ambulatory Director, UW Health
“My career has been one of an entrepreneur. I spent all of my twenties in higher education and other types of trade schooling before starting my own business. After a few failed attempts I started a food manufacturing business, and it has since grown from me and my wife in our home kitchen to owning two larger facilities, 13 production lines, and having over 100 employees. I currently run our co-manufacturing and industrial business which accounts for about 70% of our revenue.”
Christopher Feuille (MBA ’22)
VP Co-manufacturing, Tribe 9 Foods
“My career has been focused on museums, historic preservation, and the arts. While these are usually nonprofit institutions, they have many of the same concerns as corporations. My current position includes oversight of operations in a university art museum. In my current position, I’m particularly interested in supporting staff in developing financial literacy and project management.”
Kristine Zickuhr (MBA ’22)
Assistant Director for Administration, Chazen Museum of Art