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Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic

In 2013, the Wisconsin School of Business and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) funded a new program aimed at helping nascent entrepreneurs navigate through the many business issues that arise when starting and growing a new business. This program is known as the Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic.

Our Mission

The Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic, in collaboration with the Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic (L&E), the Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery, and WARF, provides free business advice and services for Wisconsin-based entrepreneurs. Under the direction of Michael Williams, MBA students and senior-level undergraduates undertake various projects that the businesses require.

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Helping researchers, students, and university affiliates start new businesses

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Expanding business support for entrepreneurs in the local community, starting with researchers at UW–Madison

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Expanding experiential learning opportunities for business students and law students at the intersection of their respective fields and in the domain of entrepreneurship

How we can help your business

The Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic provides assistance and advice in the following areas:

  • Vision / Mission
  • Entrepreneurial, Business and Personal Goals

  • Compensation (deferred, competitive, analysis)
  • Structure of Equity
  • Roles of Founders and Top Management Team
  • Management Hiring and Development

  • Accounting Software Analysis
  • Accounting System Setup
  • Proforma Analysis
    • Summary Financials with Relevant Metrics
    • Sources and Uses of Funds
    • Balance Sheets
    • Income Statement
    • Cash Flow/Table
  • Controls
  • A/R Collections Monitoring
  • Billing

  • Target Market
  • Market Sizing
  • Pricing Structure
  • Revenue Modeling
  • Customer Service Model

  • Brand
  • Pricing
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
    • Advertising – Entry into Markets
    • Direct/Indirect Analysis
      • Sales Cycles
      • Sales Compensation Structure
      • Sales Goals

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Number of Current Competitors
  • Number of Substitute Products
  • Pricing Structure of Competition
  • Comparative Analysis of Competition vs COMPANY
  • IP Barriers
  • Future Potential Competitors
  • Derive Estimate of Window of Opportunity

  • Customer Service
  • Warehouse/Manufacturing Process – Identification of Systems
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Supply Chain Contracts

  • Capital Equipment Needs
  • Location (Choice, Evaluation, Valuation, Lease Negotiations)
  • People – Organizational Charts (over time)
  • Total Capital Needed
“There’s a sense of pride in the process. You want to take strides on your own but it’s nice to have the safety bet. The Clinic is adaptable and can meet you wherever you need help, whichever stage of the business you are in.”
Ryan Browne
Working Draft Beer Company

Apply for Services

If you need us to evaluate your business needs and determine if we can help your business, please apply for services.

Potential clients need to fill out a survey and complete an interview to better evaluate the company’s business needs. Should the Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic decide to provide services, a Scope of Work (SoW) will be defined. We recognize that every business has different needs and timelines, all of this will be taken into consideration when defining the SoW.

Apply for services

After you’ve completed your application, we will contact you about setting up a 30-45 minute intake meeting. We can meet virtually or in-person during our office hours. Currently, our office hours are on Fridays from 9am – 12pm. For more information about the clinic, please contact us at

B&E Clinic Features

Consultant Biographies

Michael Williams

Michael Williams

Director of Business & Entrepreneurship Clinic

Michael Williams has over 23 years of experience as a financial and operations executive in small, mid-sized and large companies. He has experience in accounting, finance, treasury, sales operations, budgeting and strategic planning. He has direct experience in managing small and mid-sized companies through expansive growth. Mr. Williams is well versed in start-up businesses’ challenges and their specific needs. He also has experience starting and running his own consulting business that helped small to mid-sized companies raise capital for growth. He is currently the Director of Entrepreneurship Activities and the Director of the Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Charlie Scott

Charlie Scott

MBA Student Consultant

Charlie Scott has 10 years of experience in brand strategy, business development and product and brand marketing across technology and retail. With Fortune 100 and corporate startup experience, Charlie specializes in brand transformation and designing, launching and growing new branded products and services. In B2C, Charlie helped Abercrombie & Fitch relaunch and grow its global outlet business. At Intuit (QuickBooks) he helped them sharpen its product marketing strategy to gain share in the dynamic US payments market. In B2B, Charlie helped Elutions rebrand from legacy industrial hardware and software to artificial intelligence, and to market, sell and deliver its new SAAS solution globally. Charlie is passionate about brand innovation, strategy and digital brand experience, and is a second-year Brand and Product Management MBA candidate at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Owen Wade

Owen Wade

MBA Student Consultant

Owen developed an interest in entrepreneurship while working as a media producer for a business accelerator representing over 400 Iowa-headquartered businesses. In this role, Owen created impactful content for marketing campaigns and SBA grant applications. Owen also has 10 years of experience working as a medical research associate at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics where he managed clinical trials and observational studies for patients living with Huntington disease, epilepsy, and traumatic brain injuries. During this time, Owen coordinated a global 33-site, NIH-sponsored study of Huntington disease, and secured competitive multi-site clinical trials by working closely with international research organizations. In the summer of 2021, Owen interned with Boston Scientific where he evaluated the risks and opportunities of geographic expansion into China of two medical devices within Boston Scientific’s venous franchise. Owen is passionate about storytelling and helping brands connect with consumers, and is a second-year MBA candidate in the Center for Brand and Product Management and a current Weinert Center Fellow at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Joanne Kurniawan

Joanne Kurniawan

Joanne Kurniawan is a Junior double majoring in Actuarial Science and Finance. She is an Admissions Ambassador for the Wisconsin School of Business Undergraduate Admissions Office. On campus, she is the Vice President of the Indonesian Student Organization and is an active member of the Actuarial Science Club. Joanne is also involved in Solar Chapter, a non-profit student-led organization that helps rural areas in Indonesia gain access to water through solar-powered pumps. In the spring of 2021, she had the opportunity to join the Actuarial Mentorship Program at Aon, where she executed health and retirement case studies, projecting expected monthly costs and savings for clients.

Michael Tang

Michael Tang

Michael Tang is a fourth-year student from Waukesha, Wisconsin pursuing a double major in Economics and Mathematics. He developed a passion for solving complex business problems after a summer internship with NERA Economic Consulting where he supported telecom companies on valuation, auction strategy, and market design. When he isn’t studying for class, you can usually find Michael hammocking with a good book, biking the trails around Madison, or enjoying some cheese curds at the Union.