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A people-first focus on business

About the Wisconsin School of Business

Building Character To Drive Innovation

We set our course as one of the first five business schools in the U.S.—and have been trusted to lead business for more than 100 years.

University for Producing Fortune 500 CEOs
Top 5
public universities for most powerful business school alumni networks
STEM-designated programs
Influential global network of grads
University for volume of research
international corporations consistently recruit and hire WSB graduates

Our Values-driven Approach

We are on a mission to imagine, create, and lead the future of business.

Binnu Palta teaching a class on diversity and inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at our core.

Including all voices and welcoming all ideas—that’s embedded in our DNA. We help you thrive as an inclusive leader.

Ray Thompson speaking with his peers

Together, we set a new standard for the leadership we need.

We choose collaboration over competition. But don’t let that fool you. That is exactly why our teams succeed and why recruiters seek our graduates. Infusing emotional intelligence and a mindset of service and support is our secret sauce.

Hult Prize competition speech

We build the character to drive innovation.

Our hallmark is creating an environment where leaders incubate their biggest ideas and follow their biggest passions, recognizing that no one takes the same path.

There’s No One Path Into Business

Our students have the tools to succeed in an ever-changing business world. By embracing their individual strengths and backgrounds, they grow into leaders unafraid to do business differently.

There’s No One Path into Business | Trusted to Lead

Message from Dean Vallabh Sambamurthy

Dean Samba headshot
“Organizations are grappling with what’s ahead. The solutions will come from creative, agile, and team-focused leaders. Leaders who can optimize technology to meet demands. Critical thinkers whose focus is always forward. Wisconsin is creating that new kind of leader—values-driven and skilled at meeting the big questions head on.”
—Dean Vallabh Sambamurthy

Future-focused Strategy

We are on a path to reimagine lifelong learning based on a portfolio of relevant, agile programs. We shape transformational leaders and resilient achievers.

  • Build and deliver a Top 10 BBA program
  • Create a nimble, market-responsive graduate portfolio
  • Foster campus, corporate, and global partnerships
  • Enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion

Pathways to Success

  • A modern curriculum that enhances our current portfolio with experiential learning and career development
  • Increased focus on diversity and inclusion across students, faculty, and staff to develop our people and culture
  • A robust online platform that will enhance our existing programs and assist the launch of new offerings
  • Strong campus, corporate, and global partnerships that expand our impact and reach

Our Community

Values and talent intersect at the Wisconsin School of Business. It’s a combination of our Big 10 research university influence, the inspiration of Madison, the quality of our faculty, and the caliber of students we attract. We bring together people with unique capabilities in a supportive environment to face complex business challenges, apply sound business practices, and stir creative imagination to move business forward. And it works.

  • Faculty. Recognized for teaching excellence, research contributions, and for evolving leading-edge curriculum and teaching methods.
  • Staff. High staff-to-student ratio gives students individualized attention for learning and career support.
  • Students. We attract students from around the world who are interested in aligning their values and their education.
  • Alumni. Passionate and accessible, our alumni are often recognized for their impactful network and responsiveness. In fact, they rank #4 Best Alumni Effectiveness (Economist, 2021)
  • Corporate partners. Recruiters from top global companies recognize the uniquely well-rounded preparation and day-one leadership readiness of our graduates and return to hire Wisconsin talent year after year.
  • School leadership. A dedicated team with a singular vision to bring business innovation to students, the community, and the world.
  • Advisory boards. Our advisors are top industry leaders who assure our alignment with the key issues facing business today and in the years ahead.
Aerial shots of Madison

Life in Madison

The beautiful capital city of Madison is a treasure of the Midwest. It is a bustling tech hub with a dynamic downtown nestled on an isthmus between two lakes. Outdoor adventures abound in all four distinctly amazing seasons. Madison is delightfully cosmopolitan—a foodie paradise with a captivating arts culture and plenty of Big 10 sports teams to cheer on. All this with a low cost of living. What’s not to like?

School News

Your Path to Business

The Wisconsin School of Business has a longstanding tradition of academic excellence and a reputation for integrity across a broad portfolio of degree options that build careers.