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International Business Certificate

Learn Business. Think Globally.

Understand the forces and institutions that drive global integration. With this certificate you will learn how the cultures and languages of a particular region affect local business conditions, practices, and consumption.

Gain problem solving skills

Use creativity to solve problems under different contexts and constraints. Become comfortable with ambiguity.

Learn cultural communication

Dive into market research, and gain critical written and oral communication skills. Develop self-confidence and empathy grounded in an appreciation of differences.

Explore global business strategy

Benefit from curriculum focusing on strategy, economics, politics, law, and consumer behavior. Learn about the systems that govern trade across the globe.

Going Beyond the Classroom

Study abroad students in stadium

Study abroad

All Certificate in International Business students study abroad for a semester through one of UW-Madison’s study abroad programs. This experience helps students develop cross-cultural awareness and skills, and helps students acquire new perspectives on business, strategy, and consumerism.


Partnerships with the Madison International Trade Association and other organizations provide additional perspectives and networking opportunities with working professionals.

Career Opportunities

Average starting salary

Key employers

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Common job titles

  • Sales and Trading Analyst
  • Account Coordinator
  • Marketing Associate


The International Business Certificate is open to all undergraduate business students currently enrolled at UW–Madison.

Program Overview

13 total credits

  • International Business (3 credits); Study Abroad in International Business (1 credit)*; Global Interdisciplinary Perspective (3 credits)
  • 6 additional International Business credits

Study abroad requirement

Learn cross-cultural fluency and acquire new perspectives on business, strategy and consumerism. Choose from over 260 programs—30+ specifically designed for Business Badgers.

Certificate completion

“Awarded International Business Certificate” will be notated on your official transcripts.

Meet the International Business Team

Use Starfish to make an appointment with your career coach.

Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson

Career coach
Sachin Tuli

Sachin Tuli

Director, International Business Program, Career coach, Pathway consultant


If you have questions about undergraduate certificates, email the Wisconsin School of Business undergraduate advising center at or call 608-262-0471.