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Build Skills to Advance. Gain Insights for a Lifetime of Leadership

The Wisconsin Professional MBA equips you with the strategic skills and technical know-how to take on your challenges at work today, and prepares you to lead in your next, high-level business role.

Learn tools in class, apply them at work the next day

Build a portfolio of abilities to make you eligible for more advanced positions

Take between two and five years to complete your MBA

Flexible Coursework, Customizable Experiences

The Wisconsin Professional MBA starts with a set of core courses so you can gain a broad set of leadership skills and knowledge. After that, you choose the structure of your learning by earning badges in specific business disciplines.

Core subjects

Functional core classes (8 credits)

Financial Accounting

Leadership core classes (12 credits)

Managerial Economics
Organizational Behavior
Data to Decisions
Project Management
Business Strategy

Year 1 Timeline for Core Cohort Experience

Functional Core (8 Credits)


Leadership Core (12 Credits)

Take 1-4 Additional Years to Customize Your MBA

Choose up to one badge per term. Each badge consists of three courses (6 total credits). A total of four badges (24 credits) are required to complete the program.

Financial Insight

  • Corporate Finance Theory
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Risk Management

Strategic Innovation

  • Strategic Management of Innovation
  • Product Management
  • Managing By Design

Customer Insight

  • Marketing Research
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing in the Digital Age

Business Analytics

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Technology
  • Experiments and Causal Methods

Global Business*

  • Global Supply Chain
  • International Management
  • In-Country travel experience

Social Responsibility*

  • Role of Business and Society
  • Diversity in Organizations
  • Challenges and Solutions in Business Sustainability

Supply Chain Strategy*


Enno Siemsen
“The Wisconsin Professional MBA Program is a program for professionals to gain skills now to advance to where they want to go. You get the broad business insights you need to be qualified for management positions plus the elective coursework you need to explore your individual career path to success.”
Associate Dean of the MBA and master’s programs

Sample MBA Lesson

View our quick MBA 101 video for an accounting lesson from Associate Professor Fabio Gaertner on how revenue recognition is the key to understanding a company.

Accelerated Options for Wisconsin School of Business Undergraduate Alumni

Qualifying undergraduate alumni who graduated in the last five years may be eligible to waive up to 14 credits of MBA curriculum requirements in the functional core and elective badges. This option may reduce the overall amount of time and money needed to complete the program.

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