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Featured Publications

Zhang, Y., Tu, Y., Deng, Y., & Zhang, J.
Behaviors of Flippers, Rental Housing Investors and Owner-Occupiers in the Singapore Private Housing Market.
Journal of Real Estate Research

Li, L., Yavas, A., & Zhu, B.
Externalities of Residential Property Flipping.
Real Estate Economics
(51), 233-271.

Christensen, P., Sarmiento-Barbieri, I., & Timmins, C.
Housing Discrimination and Pollution Exposures in the United States.
Review of Economics and Statistics
(104), 807-818.

Agarwal, S., Deng, Y., He, J., Wang, Y., & Zhang, Q.
Lenders’ Pricing Strategy: Do Neighborhood Risks Matter?.
Real Estate Economics

Agarwal, S., Deng, Y., Gu, Q., He, J., Qian, W., & Ren, Y.
Mortgage Debt, Hand-to-Mouth Households, and Monetary Policy Transmission.
Review of Finance
(26), 487-520.

Riddiough, T., & Wiley, J.
Private Funds for Ordinary People: Fees, Flows and Performance.
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
(57), 3252-3280.

HIggins, E., Yavas, A., & Zhu, S.
Private Mortgage Securitization and Loss Given Default.
Real Estate Economics
(50), 1161-1397.

Christensen, P., & Timmins, C.
Sorting or Steering:  Experimental Evidence on the Economic Effects of Housing Discrimination.
Journal of Political Economy
(130), 2110-2163.

Li, T., Barwick, P., Deng, Y., Huang, X., & Li, S.
The COVID-19 Pandemic and Unemployment: Evidence from Mobile Phone Data in China.
Journal of Urban Economics

Lu, F., Li, L., & Yavas, A.
The Impact of Distant Hurricanes on Local Housing Markets.
Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics
(66), 327-372.