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Featured Publications

An, X., Deng, Y., & Gabriel, S.
Default Option Exercise over the Financial Crisis and Beyond.
Review of Finance
(25), 153-187.

Deng, Y., Hu, M., & Lee, A.
Melting Pot or Salad Bowl: Cultural Distance and Housing Investments.
Real Estate Economics
(49), 235-267.

Agarwal, S., Ang, S., Deng, Y., & Wang, Y.
Mortgage Brokers and the Effectiveness of Regulatory Oversights.
Management Science
(67), 5278-5300.

Riddiough, T., & Wiley, J.
Private Funds for Ordinary People: Fees, Flows and Performance.
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Han, L., Lutz, C., Sand, B., & Stacey , D.
The Effects of a Targeted Financial Constraint on the Housing Market.
Review of Financial Studies
(34), 3742–3788.

Lu, F., Li, L., & Yavas, A.
The Impact of Distant Hurricanes on Local Housing Markets.
Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics

Emmerling, T., Yavas, A., & Yildirim, Y.
To Accept or Not to Accept: Optimal Strategy for Sellers in Real Estate.
Real Estate Economics
(49), 268-296.