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MBA in Marketing

Launch Your Ideal, Focused Marketing Career

Many MBAs address marketing. Wisconsin goes deeper. Earn a specialized marketing MBA to further target your marketing expertise and build strong industry experience.


Specialize in marketing and one of three career pathways:


Bring your future career to life through experiential learning—in case studies, field trips, practicum projects, and more.


Make connections and network with industry leaders through our advisory boards, industry partners, and alumni network.

Best MBA for Marketing in the U.S.
— Princeton Review, 2021


With the MBA in Business: Marketing, a general management core provides a strong business foundation. Specialization offers a deep dive in marketing, with a core curriculum and individual career pathways for marketing versatility and a competitive advantage.

Marketing MBA Core

(19 credits)

  • Marketing Research
  • Applied Learning: Current Topics in Marketing (Semesters 1, 2 & 3)
  • Marketing Analytics
  • New Product Innovation
  • Marketing in the Digital Age
  • Marketing Consulting Practicum

(8-9 credits each)

Brand & Marketing Management

  • Strategic Brand Management
  • Marketing Communications
  • Strategic Pricing

Marketing Analytics & Insights

  • Qualitatively Based Marketing Insights
  • Data Visualization
  • Experiments & Causal Methods
  • Data Technology

Technology Product Marketing

  • Technology Product Marketing Management (new course)
  • Experiments & Causal Methods
  • Data Technology


(9-10 credits)

  • All WSB classes 700 or above can be taken as electives

Marketing Consulting Practicum

In this class, which is required in each marketing career pathway, you will consult on a project for a company, gaining valuable real-world business knowledge. You are able to:

  • Solve problems a company wants answers to, creating actionable recommendations
  • Practice consulting frameworks
  • Conduct primary research or analyze data to discover insights
  • Develop corporate communication techniques for impact
  • Work directly with marketing professionals at major companies

Global Perspectives

Program trips, both global and domestic, take you to hotbeds of marketing and expose you to different consumer perspectives. Past trips include:

  • Silicon Valley. Visited the offices of LinkedIn, Facebook, and eBay to learn how tech companies manage, interpret, and act upon the huge amounts of data produced in the digital age.
  • China. During a trip to Guangzhou, China, conducted primary research for Dell by interviewing businesses on their technology needs, and saw firsthand how the differences in culture and infrastructure play a role in international business.
  • India. Trip to New Delhi, India. Performed in-home primary ethnographic research to learn a cultural perspective on how Indians snack.

Three Ways To Specialize Your Marketing MBA

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Brand & Marketing Management

Brand management is a popular post-MBA career with marketing-driven firms such as those in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. Work in more general marketing-focused roles, perhaps on a master brand. Think several moves out and anticipate competitors’ moves.

Explore Brand & Marketing Management as a career path »
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Marketing Analytics & Insights

Interested in why people do what they do, buy what they buy? Learn tools such as marketing research methods, analytics, data familiarity to gain insights on consumer behavior. Leverage insights for marketing strategy and tactics.

Explore Marketing Analytics & Insights as a career path »
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Technology Product Marketing

Develop and execute marketing plans for new products, web services, and apps (vs. a brand with many products). Expect a fast-paced culture in a ‘test & learn’ environment. This path requires agility, data savvy, and a desire to move quickly to keep pace with short product life cycles.

Explore Technology Product Marketing as a career path »

World-Class Faculty

Our expert faculty members offer a premier marketing MBA that sets you apart.

Faculty Member Spotlights

Page Moreau

Page Moreau

Professor, Marketing; John R. Nevin Chair in Marketing
Faculty Director of the Center for Brand and Product Management

Page Moreau’s research marries marketing, creativity, and business. In one study, she used LEGOs to test the effect on creative thinking when subjects are asked to follow well-defined instructions, which led to more creative thinking and implications for the workplace.

Learn more about Moreau
Ishita Chakraborty

Ishita Chakraborty

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Ishita Chakraborty’s research interests are in digital marketing, online platforms, text and video analytics, and mobile apps. Ishita aims to develop algorithmic market research tools to derive richer, more accurate, real-time insights from unstructured data.

Learn more about Chakraborty
Neeraj Arora

Neeraj Arora

Professor, Marketing; Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr. Chair in Marketing Research and Education
Executive Director of the A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Analytics and Insights

Neeraj Arora’s current research interests include online experimentation, effectiveness of digital advertising, and machine learning tools for marketing analytics. Past research has focused on marketing problems that require statistical models of consumer choice.

Learn more about Arora

Expert Support and Career Connection

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Dedicated knowledge centers—the Center for Brand and Product Management and the A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Analytics and Insights—are backed by industry professionals and are unique pillars of the Wisconsin MBA. You gain a strong network in your marketing interest and close ties to alumni working in your ideal career path.

Participating industry experts and alumni:

  • Guide curriculum
  • Teach applied learning
  • Contribute to the classroom
  • Mentor students
  • Assist with recruiting and placement

Program Voices

Camille Clark
“The specialization model at Wisconsin was the perfect way to experience and take advantage of large-school opportunities and still get the personalized touch of a curated curriculum and active advisors. To switch careers to marketing, I saw how Wisconsin’s model would accelerate my knowledge in the field and connect me with positions and companies.”
Camille Clark (MBA ’18)
Senior Analyst–Corporate Development, American Airlines
Bailey Hackbarth
“The (Marketing Consulting Practicum) not only rounded me out as a marketer, but it’s honed my presentation, analytic, and persuasion skills. With tangible business outcomes (not just case study assessments) hinging on my ability to deliver sound, data-driven recommendations, I’ve relished this opportunity to step outside the classroom and into the business world.”
Bailey Hackbarth (MBA ’20)
Associate Brand Manager, General Mills
“I find my job as a Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft particularly appealing due to the ability to see the products through end-to-end. I get to influence product development and product storytelling. I use different skill muscles every day. The industry moves extremely fast so I learn something every day.”
Sydney Hung Dowdell (MBA ’15)
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft
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