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Professor Fabio Gaertner working with a student seated in front of a computer


Top researchers teach Wisconsin MBA courses. Their groundbreaking research, often complemented by direct industry experience, is paired with insights from visiting scholars and industry executives.

People Behind the Big Ideas

Faculty expertise is a hallmark of the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA. And your professors, especially in your specialization, become part of your lifelong network. They know your interests and career aspirations, and small class sizes assure one-on-one interaction.

Mahka Moeen


“I study firms’ entry strategies into yet-to-be industries. My research shows that knowledge foundations for product commercialization, as well as an industry’s business potential, are built very early on, during what I call the ‘incubation stage.’ It’s as if a vibrant root system is taking shape before we can see flowers on the surface.”
Associate Professor | Management and Human Resources
Moeen’s research focuses on how firms and entrepreneurs create and enter nascent industries. She was named a Poets&Quants Best 40-Under-40 MBA Professor in 2022.
Fabio Gaertner


“CEOs are usually compensated based on their firm’s profits, but because taxes are complex, some companies measure profits before and some after the effect of taxes. What I found is that compensation incentives can affect how much tax a company eventually pays.”
Professor | Accounting and Information Systems
Gaertner’s research examines how tax policy and company executives help shape the corporate tax landscape. He was named a Poets&Quants Best 40-Under-40 MBA Professor in 2020 and received the 2023 UW–Madison Distinguished Teaching Award.
Chia Jung Tsay


“There’s a distinct difference between what people explicitly say is important and valuable to an area of achievement and what they do. People indicate they very much favor hard work and striving, but their choices seem to reveal this preference for the naturally gifted instead.”
Associate Professor | Management and Human Resources
Tsay’s research examines the psychological processes that influence decision making about performance. Learn more about why people prefer “naturals” over “strivers.”

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