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Featured Publications

Chatterjee, S., Corbae, D., Dempsey, K., & Rios-Rull, J.
A Quantitative Theory of the Credit Score.
(91), 1803-1840.

Mayer, E.
Big Banks, Household Credit Access, and Intergenerational Economic Mobility.
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Huang, R., Linck, J., Mayer, E., & Parsons, C.
Can Human Capital Explain Income-Based Disparities in Financial Services?.
Review of Financial Studies

Huang, R., Mayer, E., & Miller, D.
Gender Bias in Promotions: Evidence from Financial Institutions.
Review of Financial Studies

Wright, R.
Is Money Essential: An Experimental Approach.
Journal of Political Economy

Robatto, R.
Liquidity Requirements and Central Bank Interventions During Banking Crises.
Management Science
(70), 1175-1193.

Mayer, E., Frame, S., Huang, R., Jiang, E., Lee, Y., Liu, W., & Sunderam, A.
The Impact of Minority Representation at Mortgage Lenders.
Journal of Finance

Ghaderi, M., Kilic, M., & Seo, S.
Why Do Rational Investors Like Variance at the Peak of a Crisis? A Learning-Based Explanation.
Journal of Monetary Economics