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We’re Here to Help Guide You Through a Strong Application

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It starts with you. Tell us your story—and your vision for your ideal career.

The admissions committee considers every application holistically, based on merit. In our distinctive boutique program approach, there is no one “perfect candidate profile.”

You are a fit if we determine you will not only benefit from the program, but will enhance the Wisconsin MBA experience for the entire class. We seek a diverse mix of backgrounds, interests, and professional experience, which elevates classroom discussion, enlivens team projects, and adds meaning to experiential learning.

Schedule a 30-minute consultation with an admissions team member for step-by-step support, from big picture down to the details.

What You’ll Need To Apply to the Full-Time MBA Program

Apply online to the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA Program.

Your past academic history—particularly your four-year degree—indicates to us your ability to succeed in a structured study program.

  • Bachelor’s degree from an approved (accredited) institution is required.
  • International applicants are required to have the equivalent of a four-year U.S. bachelor’s degree. View the minimum degree equivalents for different countries. You may wish to have your transcript evaluated by World Education Services (WES) to ensure you meet the four-year U.S. bachelor’s degree equivalency requirements.
  • You can submit your application with unofficial transcripts; certified copies of transcripts from your degree institution are required once admitted.
  • The preferred method to receive official transcripts is electronically from your institution. Please access the Parchment website or contact your institution to make this request and send to Official transcripts may also be mailed directly from your undergraduate institution in a sealed and stamped envelope sent to:

Wisconsin MBA Program Office
Wisconsin School of Business
2450 Grainger Hall
975 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706

  • Preparation is essential to get a good GMAT score. Statistics from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) confirm a study hours/score correlation.
  • A Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) score is preferred. The test should be taken within five years of the term for which you are applying. Please direct the testing service to forward your test results to the University of Wisconsin–Madison (institution code: 79K-2S-72).
  • A Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score will also be accepted. Please direct the testing service to forward your test results to the University of Wisconsin–Madison (institution code: 1846).
  • Your standardized test scores indicate likely success as a graduate student.
  • We look for students with strong verbal and quantitative skills, however there is no minimum score requirement for the GMAT or GRE. (See how your scores compare with our student base: Class Profile)
  • To help you do your best on the GMAT, we offer a practice test as an effective way to replicate the testing environment and familiarize yourself with the types of questions asked. Take a free mini quiz from GMAC and the Wisconsin School of Business.

Include past work experience, educational accomplishments, demonstrations of leadership, and ways in which you have grown professionally.

The short-answer questions are required and are an opportunity for you to share more information about your career goals. Please answer the questions in full.

  • If you are choosing your specialization at the time of admission, answer the following questions:
  1. Why did you choose this specialization? What actions have you taken to better understand your intended specialization?
  2. What are your career goals immediately following the completion of your degree? In the event that your career goals change or shift from your original intentions, what is your alternative plan?
  • If you will finalize your specialization choice during your first semester, answer the following questions:
  1. Share with us why you selected the two career specializations you chose  and tell us how each one will help you pursue your career goals immediately following the MBA. What actions will you take to narrow your specialization choice during your first semester in the program?
  2. Transferable skills help employers understand how you will transition from the work you’ve done to the work you will be doing in the future. What three transferable skills do you think will be of importance for your future career and why?

The recommended essay is an opportunity to share more of your unique experiences with the admissions committee; it is not required to submit your application. Please choose one of the prompts below, and answer the question in full. You may discuss personal or professional examples. However, if you choose to speak about a personal experience, please discuss the impact that experience has had on your professional life. Also, please indicate at the top of your essay which prompt you have chosen to answer.

  1. Tell us about a time you demonstrated leadership in a way that made an enduring impact. What did you learn about your strengths and weaknesses as a leader from that experience?
  2. Tell us about a time when your opinion evolved through conversations with others. How did you use this experience to adjust the way you work when a part of a team environment?
  3. How have you helped to foster an inclusive work environment? Give one specific example of the impact it had on your organization.

You may use this optional essay to communicate additional information about yourself that is not otherwise represented in the application and that you feel would benefit the admissions committee.

  • One recommendation is required; the admissions committee will accept up to two.
  • Ask someone familiar with your professional accomplishments to provide a recommendation addressing your leadership or management potential.
  • This individual may be a current or past supervisor or manager, a client or vendor, or a representative of a volunteer or community organization in which you are involved.
  • You will enter your recommender’s name and email address into your application. The recommender will then receive an email with a link to your recommendation form. The recommendation forms are submitted separately from your application upon its completion. Do not wait for your recommender to submit their recommendation before submitting your application; however, your application will not be reviewed without the recommendation form.
  • $75 for both domestic and international students (additional $6 processing fee for international students).
  • Fee waivers available if active duty in the U.S. Military within three years of applying.
  • Payment by credit or debit card through the online application system; required to learn admissions decision.

Admissions interviews are by invitation only, with invitations extended after applications have been reviewed. Interviews will be with a member of the admissions committee.

A note about specialization

As part of the admission process, we ask you to choose a career specialization to focus your MBA journey. If you are certain, great. If you are still exploring your top two choices, we will work closely with you during your first semester to finalize the best match for your career goals.

GMAT/GRE Test Waivers

The Wisconsin Full-Time Program seeks to build well-rounded classes with students from diverse professional, academic, and personal backgrounds. You qualify to request a test waiver for the GMAT or GRE if you meet one of the two sets of criteria below.

Option 1:

  • At least three years of professional full-time work experience, which may include U.S. military service
  • Undergraduate degree from an accredited U.S. college or university
  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale)
  • At least one quantitative course in an area such as statistics, calculus, upper-level math or business classes such as finance or accounting with a grade of a B or better

Option 2:

  • Have been awarded a terminal degree, such as JD, MD, or PhD, from an accredited U.S. college or university
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) or equivalent from the terminal degree program
  • At least two years of professional full-time work experience

Wisconsin Full-Time MBA Application Deadlines for Fall 2022

Application dueDecision date
Sept. 24, 2021*Oct. 29, 2021
Nov. 1, 2021Dec. 17, 2021
Jan. 10, 2022Mar. 4, 2022
Mar. 1, 2022Apr. 24, 2022
Apr. 10, 2022May 20, 2022
Jun. 1, 2022Jun. 24, 2022
* Early decision deadline for candidates committed to attending the program. If admitted, you will pay an early enrollment deposit and withdraw your consideration at other schools.

Applicants who apply and have all supporting materials in by the application due date will learn of their admission decision no later than the decision date. If admitted, your enrollment deposit date will be communicated to you in your online admission letter.

All applicants will be considered for merit aid based on the merits of your application. Merit aid is communicated at the time of admission.

Consortium Applicants

The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management is the nation’s largest diversity network, linking top-tier students, leading MBA programs, and corporate partners. It aims to increase representation of African Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanic Americans in education and business.

U.S. citizens and permanent residents who can demonstrate a commitment to The Consortium’s mission can apply to the Wisconsin MBA through The Consortium and be considered for a Consortium fellowship with financial and other benefits.

Apply to Wisconsin School of Business through the Consortium

Consortium application deadlines:

Round 1

Oct. 15, 2021

Round 2

Jan. 5, 2022

Current Consortium student liaisons can answer questions

Meet the Full-Time MBA Consortium Liaisons
The Consortium logo

Contact our Consortium liaisons to learn about their program experiences.

International Applicants

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

Applicants whose native language is not English or whose undergraduate instruction was in a language other than English must achieve a score of 100 or higher on the Internet-based TOEFL (or score of 600 on the paper-based TOEFL) within two years of the intended start. Waivers are available if your four-year undergraduate degree and/or master’s degree was in English. Please direct the Educational Testing Service to forward your test results to the University of Wisconsin–Madison (institution code: 1846)

Results of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or PTE (Pearson Test of English, institution code: NML-ZH-25) will also be accepted. An IELTS minimum score of 7.5 or higher, or a PTE internet-based score of 73 or higher or paper-based score of 80 or higher, is required.

An international applicant whose four-year undergraduate degree and/or master’s degree (minimum of eight semesters total) instruction was in English, or who will complete such a degree prior to matriculation at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, may request a waiver. To request a waiver for the language test requirement, please select the TOEFL test type in your online application and select “Request a Waiver” for the English proficiency test. We will confirm that English is the language used at the academic institution where your degree was conferred.

Financial statement

Evidence of adequate financial resources for the anticipated duration of the program is required by the federal government for visa documentation upon admission to the Wisconsin MBA Program. It is not required as part of the Wisconsin MBA application.

JD/MBA Applicants

The dual graduate degree in law and business is a cooperative program between the University of Wisconsin Law School and the Wisconsin School of Business. In most instances, completing the requirements for the JD/MBA Program will add about a year of study to the three years it usually takes to complete law school, and will save approximately one year of study.

Applicants to the JD/MBA Program must apply and be admitted independently to both schools. Application to both programs within the same year is recommended. Admission to the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA Program will be deferred for one year while you complete your first year of study in law.

Military Applicants

When you’re ready to transition to a civilian career, the structure and collaborative environment of the Wisconsin MBA provide the perfect complement to your military background. You will enhance your valuable leadership skills and gain new knowledge and insights the business world needs.

Post 9/11 GI Bill

The Post 9/11 GI Bill will pay all tuition expenses for military veterans who qualify.
Under the bill, both in-state and non-Wisconsin-resident veterans receive in-state tuition rates. Those who do not qualify can receive assistance with tuition costs under the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Veteran’s Choice Act (2014): In-State Rates for Certain Veterans

To qualify for in-state rates under the Post 9/11 GI Bill, a student must be a veteran (no longer on active duty) or on terminal leave (final leave or vacation being used up prior to their actual end date). Students must also enroll within three years of leaving active duty.

Yellow Ribbon Program

As a Yellow Ribbon School, UW–Madison and the VA jointly cover nonresident fees for students who do not already qualify for in-state tuition and fees.

Merit-Based financial aid

Military veterans will be considered for merit-based financial assistance awarded by the Wisconsin School of Business in the form of scholarships or fellowships; no separate merit-based financial aid application is required.

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