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Study Abroad

Experience college, business, and the world through an international lens with one of our study abroad programs.

Your Life-Changing Global Experience Awaits

Experience college, business, and the world through an international lens.

Develop a global perspective that changes your worldview.

Experience international business and prepare for a world economy.

Challenge yourself and develop confidence in your abilities.

Build a global network of friends from other countries.

Learn who you are. Discover your identity and values.

Differentiate yourself with global experience on your résumé.

Over 260 Programs—30+ Specifically for Business Badgers

Click on a specific program for more detailed information, or view our Programs at a Glance (PDF).

Global Experience in Supply Chain Management
This course and study abroad program is limited to Wisconsin undergraduate students majoring in supply chain management.

Partnerships in international programming

The Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) works in close partnership with International Academic Programs (IAP) to administer study abroad programs geared specifically for business students. All UW–Madison-approved study abroad programs share policies, procedures, and best practices.

Student safety abroad

Student safety is a top priority. Every program is vetted by the UW–Madison Faculty Advisory Committee for study abroad, with additional input from UW’s Director of International Safety and Security, if needed. Find more details related to safety and security through UW Study Abroad

Majoring in International Business

International Business majors are required to study abroad in a semester-long program. The program chosen must align with your region of emphasis. Please consult the Guide for a comprehensive list of study abroad programs that satisfy this degree requirement by region.

Opportunities outside the Wisconsin School of Business

In addition to WSB Global Programs, there are other international offices across campus offering international experiences. These offices have programs with focuses outside of business, such as liberal studies, language learning, engineering, life sciences, or internships.

Virtual global business experiences

The Wisconsin School of Business offers virtual global courses and remote internships with organizations in Barcelona, Dublin, London, Florence, and Sydney.  

Get Your Questions Answered

We realize that the process of preparing to study abroad can feel unfamiliar and overwhelming. Where do I start? How do I select a program? What courses can I take? The good news: Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to provide the guidance you need to navigate the application and preparation processes so that your study abroad goals may be realized.


Business Badgers study abroad

Student Experiences

Rome Rauter
“I learned how to live life to the fullest, how to work in diverse teams, how to problem solve, travel alone, and most importantly, I learned that the world is full of amazing people.”
Rome Rauter (BBA ’20)
Vienna, Austria Study Abroad (2019)

Program Competitiveness

The level of competition per program varies based on the program’s number of spaces and applicants.

More competitive

Hong Kong HKUST
Vienna WU


Hong Kong City U

Less competitive

Buenos Aires
IES Milan
IES Vienna

of semester applicants were offered their first choice
of summer applicants were offered their first choice