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Current UW-Madison Student Admissions

Requirements and Policies

Are you a current UW–Madison student looking to earn your business degree? Apply for the Wisconsin School of Business undergraduate program. Nearly half of the program’s students are admitted after spending at least a year at UW–Madison.

We encourage you to review the complete list of Wisconsin School of Business undergraduate admissions policies.

Application Deadlines and Key Dates

The application for Fall 2024 admission is closed. The application will open in early March 2025 for Fall 2025 enrollment consideration.

March 6, 2024Undergraduate admission application opens at 8:00 a.m. CT
March 20, 2024Undergraduate admission application closes at 4:00 p.m. CT
May 17, 2024Deadline to withdraw application
On or before July 1, 2024Application decisions announced
September 4, 2024New admits officially become business students

Eligible applicants should apply when they feel their application is strongest, keeping in mind there are a greater number of applicants and admission offers for first-year students looking to start their second year in business. There is no preference based on year in school when making admission decisions.

Ready to Apply?

The Wisconsin undergraduate business program application for current UW–Madison students consists of four parts:

  1. Online application: Available March 2025
  2. Academic record: The minimum GPA to apply is 3.0 at both the time of application and conclusion of the spring term. Your transcripts will be available to us as a part of your UW–Madison records. For additional details on GPA calculation, visit the undergraduate admissions policies page.
  3. Résumé: Check out our résumé resource guide for help.
  4. Essay: View our essay preparation tips.

Admit Rates

UW All Applicants41%
UW First-year Applicants49%
UW Second-year Applicants28%
Approximate Average Admit GPA3.75 – 3.80
Approximate mid-80th Percentile GPA Range3.55 – 4.00

Admit rates are from the past three years, do not include direct transfer applicants, and vary based on resource capacities and number of submitted applications.

Attend Pre-Business Events

High school student listening to faculty member talks about the BBA program at Direct-Admit event.

The Wisconsin undergraduate business program hosts a number of pre-business events that will help you explore your interest in business and guide you through the application process. These workshops take a sequential approach, and prospective students are strongly encouraged to attend every workshop offered in this series. All applicants are required to attend the Pre-Business 101 Workshop. Registration can be found in our Pre-Business Experience Canvas Course.

Meet With an Advisor

The Wisconsin undergraduate business program offers one-on-one advising for prospective students currently enrolled at UW–Madison. Our pre-business advising team is available to help you prepare for admission and determine if the program is the best fit for you.

Use Starfish to schedule a 15-30 minute appointment with a pre-business advisor.

Current UW–Madison students who are preparing to apply through the pre-business process are welcome to email quick “yes or no”-type questions to the pre-business advising team. Include your student ID number and your email address.

Email the pre-business advising team

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Wisconsin School of Business provides almost $2 million in scholarship support to admitted and newly enrolled undergraduate students each year. To be considered for scholarships from the School of Business, a WiSH application is required and FAFSA strongly recommended to be considered for most awards.

Contact Us

Want to learn more about the undergraduate admissions process? Let us know how we can help.

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