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Advisory board meeting

Corporate & Alumni Engagement

Partner With Us to Drive Marketing Forward

The Marketing Leadership Institute fosters premier industry partnerships to guide the future of marketing. In addition to our alumni, there are three levels of partnership: External Advisory Board, Career-Affinity Groups, and Friends of the Institute.

All three levels can partner with the MLI in these ways:

Be a mentor

  • Mentor and teach students of all levels
  • Complete projects with student consultants
  • Partner on research opportunities
  • Benchmark and learn from industry peers

Advance the field

  • Be the voice of industry in the MLI’s strategic planning
  • Guide curriculum to mold future marketing leaders
  • Ensure industry relevance by sharing industry trends

Lead and recruit

  • Gain premier access to recruit top students
  • Enjoy exclusive access to industry events, early registration for our Marketing Summit
  • Develop your company’s brand affinity on campus

External Advisory Board (EAB)

Marketing Summit attendees network between conference sessions

Our External Advisory Board will be made up of 20-30 top companies committed to making an impact on the future of marketing by working hand-in-hand with our faculty, staff, and students. This is a company level partnership, with a senior level representative leading the relationship.


Each MBA marketing student is assigned board mentors and has opportunities to engage with representatives from any of the companies that make up the board.

Employment & academics

Advisory board members facilitate student employment opportunities, sponsor workshops, guest lecture in classes, and other applied learning opportunities like site visits to their companies.

EAB meetings

Twice a year the advisory board gathers for the EAB meetings. These meetings are focused on interacting with students, sharing best practices, and discussing industry topics.

Career-Affinity Groups

Unite around your niche area of marketing expertise and create community amongst practitioners and students.

Our 3 core groups:

Insights Insiders

Brand Loyalists

Tech Marketing Mavericks

More Ways to Get Involved

Become a Friend of the Institute

Friends of the Marketing Leadership Institute include former board members, area companies, organizations and any other who simply wants to help grow marketing leaders through this unique institute at UW–Madison.

Anyone is welcome to call themselves a Friend.

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Solve Your Marketing Challenge With Students

Collaborate with students to solve a marketing challenge for your organization. Our programs collaborate with a variety of sponsor organizations every year.

Contact the consulting program office

Host an Applied Learning Session

Many companies build their brand-presence with students through hosting applied learning sessions. Companies often experience a higher success rate when trying to recruit talent when they have a strong presence in the MLI.

Learn about undergraduate recruiting

Learn about graduate recruiting

Connect With Us

Contact us to learn more about partnering with the Marketing Leadership Institute.

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