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Featured Publications

Moenig, T., & Bauer, D.
Cheaper by the Bundle: The Interaction of Frictions and Option Exercise in Variable Annuities.
Journal of Risk and Insurance

Shi, P., & Lee, G.
Copula regression for compound distributions with endogenous covariates with applications in insurance deductible pricing.
Journal of the American Statistical Association

Zheng, W., Yao, Y., Shi, P., Deng, Y., & Zheng, H.
Deregulation, competition, and consumer choice of insurer: Evidence from liberalization reform in China’s automobile insurance market.
Geneva Risk and Insurance Review
(47), 158-200.

Butters, R., Sacks, D., & Seo, B.
How do national chains respond to local cost shocks?.
American Economic Review
(112), 1737-72.

Sydnor, J., Jaspersen, J., & Ragin, M.
Insurance Demand Experiments: Comparing Crowdworking to the Lab.
Journal of Risk and Insurance
(89), 1077-1107.

Zhao, Z., Shi, P., & Zhang, Z.
Modeling multivariate time series with copula-linked univariate D-vines.
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics
(40), 690-704.

Zhu, N., & Bauer, D.
Modeling the Risk in Mortality Projections.
Operations Research
(70), 2069-2084.

Dong, Y., Frees, E., Huang, F., & Hui, F.
Multi-State Modelling of Customer Churn.
ASTIN Bulletin: Journal of the International Actuarial Association

Sydnor, J.
Predicting Insurance Demand from Risk Attitudes.
Journal of Risk and Insurance
(89), 63-96.

Goodman, L., Mukherjee, A., & Ramnath, S.
Set it and Forget it? Financing Retirement in an Age of Defaults.
Journal of Financial Economics

Mukherjee, A., Sacks, D., & Yoo, H.
The Effects of the Opioid Crisis on Employment: Evidence from Labor Market Flows.
Journal of Human Resources

Rosenberg, M., & Zhong, F.
Using Clusters Based on Social Determinants to Identify the Top 5% Utilizers of Health Care.
North American Actuarial Journal
(26), 456 – 469.