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Featured Publications

Rosenberg, M., Yun, S., & Kim, K.
Assessing Oral Health in US Children and Its Impact on Disparities of Overall Health and Health Expenditures: An Application Using Two-Stage Clustering.
North American Actuarial Journal

Bauer, D.
Benchmarks for the Benchmark Approach to Valuing Long-Term Insurance Liabilities: Comment on Fergusson and Platen (2023).
Annals of Actuarial Science
(17), 208-211.

Moenig, T., & Bauer, D.
Cheaper by the Bundle: The Interaction of Frictions and Option Exercise in Variable Annuities.
Journal of Risk and Insurance
(90), 459-486.

Friedson, A., Li, M., Meckel, K., Rees, D., & Sacks, D.
Cigarette Taxes, Smoking, and Health in the Long Run.
Journal of Public Economics
(222), Article 104877.

Drake, C., Anderson, D., Cai, S., & Sacks, D.
Financial Transaction Costs Reduce Benefit Take-Up: Evidence from Zero-Premium Health Insurance Plans in Colorado.
Journal of Health Economics
(89), Article 102752.

Shi, P., & Shi, K.
Non-life insurance risk classification using categorical embedding.
North American Actuarial Journal
(27), 579-601.

Kim, K., Leverty, T., & Schmit, J.
Regulatory Capital and Asset Risk Transfer.
Journal of Risk and Insurance

Goodman, L., Mukherjee, A., & Ramnath, S.
Set it and forget it? Financing retirement in an age of defaults.
Journal of Financial Economics
(148), 47-68.

Butters, A., Sacks, D., & Seo, B.
Why Do Retail Prices Fall During Seasonal Demand Peaks?.
Rand Journal of Economics