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Webinars & Podcasts

Get an in-depth look at the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA through recorded webinars and podcasts. Admissions staff and students share program features, information on specialization, and helpful application insights and strategies.

Program Information/Careers

Watch previously recorded webinars that provide valuable details about preparing to advance your career and listen to our short podcasts on YouTube to learn more about the full-time MBA.

Webinar Recordings

Get helpful information about personal finances to prepare to enter the full-time MBA program.
Learn about our career outcomes and services we offer to students that lead to successful internship and job placement.
Learn about the Wisconsin MBA specializing in Technology Strategy and Product Management
Learn about the Supply Chain Management specialization in the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA Program.


Learn how this specialization provides the analytic skill set, asset management experience, and professional support for an investment career.
Learn about Wisconsin’s unique full-time MBA model and how it can fulfill your career goals.
Learn about the many unique features of this finance MBA that earned it a ranking in the top 50 finance programs in the world.
Learn about our specializations and find the one that matches your career goals.
Hear about the cross-functional and strategic breadth of the supply chain management specialization, which is highly regarded in the industry.
Hear how we deliver job search skills, individualized coaching, a career plan tailored to your goals, and powerful industry connections.

Application Strategy and Tips

View recordings from past webinars and listen to our short podcasts on YouTube to get ready to submit a winning application.


Learn about the admissions process and how to produce a competitive application.
Learn how to prepare a competitive application for early-decision admission.
Learn tips and tricks to make your application stand out, including preparing essays and securing recommendations.
Learn details about the academic and standardized test portion of the application.
Learn tips and tricks to address the work experience, résumé, and admissions interview portions of your application.


Hear about the three different MBA programs available at the Wisconsin School of Business: full-time, professional, and executive.
Hear advice on how to put together your MBA application.
Hear about merit-aid types and the process for granting generous financial support provided by alumni, friends, and the specialization programs.

Culture & Student Experience

Watch previously recorded webinars that reflect our commitment to diversity, hear from students about the collaborative MBA program culture, and listen to our short podcasts on YouTube to learn how our culture is a key part of program satisfaction in the Wisconsin MBA.

We are pleased to also share insights from student interviews that speak directly to their experiences in our specialized program.


Listen in as the admissions team and MBA students discuss diversity in the Wisconsin MBA Program and The Consortium.


Inside Look: Women at the Wisconsin MBA logo

Women at the Wisconsin School of Business

Learn the benefits of an MBA plus ways to navigate career advancement by watching this content from a WSB event for women.


Hear about opportunities to develop leadership skills while at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Student Perspectives

Learn from one of our MBA students about her
transition back to college and initial impressions of the first semester in our specialized MBA program.
Hear from a second-year MBA student about his transformative experiences at the specialized Wisconsin Full-Time MBA.

For more information about any of our admissions events or resources, contact the MBA Admissions Team.