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Support the Hawk Center

Wisconsin’s Hawk Center for Investment Analysis offers graduate students one of the nation’s leading applied investment programs – the Applied Securities Analysis Program. We take tremendous pride in our status as a CFA Partner Program, the fact that our staff consists of seasoned investment professionals, and in our ability to offer students the opportunity to learn real world lessons as they manage millions of dollars in an institutional environment.

That said, we realize the core strength of our program is the significant support we receive from our alumni and other supporters around the world. We are fortunate to have many alumni involved with the student experience by serving as guest lecturers, participating in fund meetings, and hosting students at their firms. These enriching experiences are a huge competitive advantage for our program and are often at the heart of why students choose the Applied Security Analysis Program.

The financial support we receive helps us cover our staffing costs, the cost of providing our students with world-class research resources, and provides additional support to students through scholarships and travel opportunities. Without this type of support we simply could not maintain our leadership status in the world of applied investment education.

Our goal as we look ahead is to continue to offer a world class educational opportunity, and to improve the awareness of our program so that we can continue to attract outstanding students and get the recognition we deserve from potential employers.

We need your help to build upon this our outstanding history, help future students achieve their goals, and maintain this virtuous cycle of turning today’s students into tomorrow’s supportive alumni.  Please consider making a pledge or gift today.

We are very grateful for both the support and vote of confidence that your contribution represents.  Thank You!