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Webinars & Podcasts

Tune in for Helpful Tips and Testimonials  

Get an in-depth look at the Wisconsin Executive MBA through podcasts and recorded webinars. Admissions staff, students, and alumni lead discussions on everything from application tips and employer support to women’s perspectives and the program community. 

Bite-Sized Admissions Podcasts

Listen to our short podcasts on YouTube and get ready for your application

Get a quick intro to the Wisconsin Executive MBA
Learn about the application process to the Wisconsin Professional and Executive MBA programs.
Learn how to strengthen your application by writing a strong essay.
Learn what the admissions committee is looking for on your MBA application résumé.
Learn about what the admissions committee is looking for from your recommender.
Learn how to prepare for your official admissions interview with the Wisconsin MBA.

Webinar Recordings

Hear from students and alumni and learn about the experience of women in the Wisconsin MBA programs.
Get tips on how to develop a proposal to your employer to gain additional support for your education.
Learn more about each of the Wisconsin MBA programs: Executive, Professional, and Full-Time.
Learn about essays, résumés, recommendations, and more.
Inside Look: Women at the Wisconsin MBA logo

Women at the Wisconsin School of Business

Learn the benefits of an MBA plus ways to navigate career advancement by watching this content from a WSB event for women.