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Featured Publications

Condie, E., Convery, A., & Zehms, K.
Fraud Firms’ Non-Implicated CFOs: An Investigation of Reputational Contagion and Subsequent Employment Outcomes.
Contemporary Accounting Research
(40), 704-728.

Estep, C., Griffith, E., & Mackenzie, N.
How Do Financial Executives Respond to the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Reporting and Auditing?.
Review of Accounting Studies

Warfield, T., Kaufman, M., & Convery, A.
Stakeholder Conflict and Standard-setting Foundation Oversight.
Journal of Accounting and Public Policy

Bornemann, T., Laplante, S., & Osswald, B.
The Effect of Intellectual Property Boxes on Innovative Activity and Effective Tax Rates.
Journal of the American Taxation Association

Dyreng, S., Gaertner, F., Hoopes, J., & Vernon, M.
The effect of US tax reform on the taxation of US firms’ domestic and foreign earnings.
Contemporary Accounting Research
(40), 1881-1908.

Choi, J., & Presslee, A.
When and why tangible rewards can motivate greater effort than cash rewards: An analysis of four attribute differences.
Accounting, Organizations and Society
(104), 101389.