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Faculty Insights

Marketing Professor Jan Heide Wins Fourth Louis W. Stern Award

By Wisconsin School of Business

June 12, 2024

Grainger Hall at University of Wisconsin - Madison

Jan Heide, Michael E. Lehman Distinguished Chair in Business and a professor of marketing, is the recipient of the 2024 Louis W. Stern Award from the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Interorganizational Special Interest Group, his fourth such award from the organization. The Stern Award recognizes an exceptional article published in a reputable refereed marketing journal that has made a significant contribution to the literature on interorganizational marketing or channels of distribution.

Heide’s article with co-authors Alègre Hadida and Simon Bell, “The Temporary Marketing Organization,” was published and ran as the lead article in the March 2019 issue of the Journal of Marketing.

The committee noted that the group’s paper is “highly original, breaking new ground in how we think of marketing organization broadly. Where past work focused on permanent organizations or long-term relationships, a significant, and growing, number of activities such as new product development, IT projects, events, or construction do align closely to either permanent organizations or long-term relations, for example because these activities are one-offs and due their distinct starting and endpoints.”

Four Stern Awards for Jan Heide, wow! A model colleague and an icon of the academy, Jan continues to amaze. He is a tremendous role model for all of our young faculty.

—Chair Michael D. Johnson

The committee also observed that the authors, “built new theory, for example by showing that Temporary Organizations consist of three different forms, each having their own unique characteristics, challenges, and benefits. They also advance a number of propositions to help others work in the area…the paper is conceptual, a rarity that raises significant potential to shape the field’s understanding.”

“Four Stern Awards for Jan Heide, wow! A model colleague and an icon of the academy, Jan continues to amaze,” said Michael D. Johnson, chair of WSB’s Department of Marketing. “He is a tremendous role model for all of our young faculty.”

Heide and co-authors will be formally recognized at the 2024 AMA awards luncheon in Boston this summer.

Heide has been the recipient of multiple AMA awards throughout his career. Most recently, he received the 2022 Mahajan Award for Lifetime Contributions to Marketing Strategy Research and was named an American Marketing Association Fellow, also in 2022. Upon receiving the Mahajan Award, the AMA wrote, “Heide is one of the most recognized marketing scholars in the world in the domain of B2B relationships. His seminal work on interorganizational governance spans many decades and has won many accolades, inspiring a generation of students and other scholars to pursue research in the domain. He has also guided several doctoral students who continue to impact the field significantly.”

Founded in 1937, the AMA publishes the academic journals Journal of MarketingJournal of Public Policy & MarketingJournal of Marketing Research, and Journal of International Marketing.