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100 Hour Challenge

By Sari Ratner Judge, Program Manager StartUp Learning Community

October 25, 2023

Are you up for the 100-hour challenge? Put your creativeness to the test in this accessible-to-all innovation contest!

The 100-Hour Challenge is one of UW-Madison’s signature campus-wide entrepreneurial contests. It is open to all enrolled students and very popular with undergraduates. 

In a nutshell, the Challenge involves students using materials they can easily find in their dorm room, apartment, or home, to come up with a new product idea in 100 hours or less (essentially over a long weekend). They then create a short video pitch or slide deck of their big idea for the chance to win prize money!

This year’s contest launches on Thursday, Nov. 9th, 2023 when students can check the 100-Challenge website starting at 9:00 AM to find the list of “approved materials’. Final videos or slide decks need to be uploaded by end of day on Monday, Nov. 13th.  

So many of the entrepreneurial contests on campus are designed for students with fully fleshed out ideas, business plans, etc. Here’s a chance for “entrepreneurially curious” students just dipping their toes into innovation to have a crack at brainstorming, creating, and WINNING! Win $1200 in cash prizes in one weekend.