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Update | Spring/Summer 2024

Got a Minute? Meet Whole Foods’ Hannah Lesko

Photography by Jessica Attie

Hannah Lesko in a Whole Foods produce aisle

Hannah Lesko (MS ’23)

Commodity Data Analyst, Whole Foods Market
Austin, Texas

What products do you work with?

I work on the Global Commodities Team within our Exclusive Brands Team, which is the 365 brand by Whole Foods Market. I use data aggregation, data visualizations, and cost formulas to conduct risk analysis, cost avoidance, and cost savings for our current and future products. Some of the products I support are dairy, eggs, and meat.

What’s something you’re proud of?

My adaptability—both personally and professionally. Having lived all over the U.S. during my childhood and professional life, I am most proud of my independence and ability to step outside of my comfort zone.

What is your favorite WSB memory?

The business analytics program took us ice fishing on Monona Bay; it’s a fun tradition they’ve done in the past. Professor Daniel Bauer brought fishing poles and hand drills for the ice, and there was a bunch of food, too. It was awesome because I had never been fishing before—let alone ice fishing!