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Full-Time MBA Student Ambassadors

Ibrahim Abubakar

Ibrahim Abubakar
Specialization: Marketing
Undergraduate Major: English; Secondary Education
Graduation Year: 2024
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Pre-MBA career experience:
English Teacher

Post-MBA career goal:
Product Marketing Manager

Why choose Wisconsin MBA?
I was excited by Wisconsin’s deep connections in the Marketing and Tech industry, and knew this would be the best place to gain strong business acumen through the various opportunities for applied and experiential learning. The small class sizes appealed to me as I hoped to create strong & lasting relationships with my classmates. The wide variety of clubs and activities, assured me that I would have the opportunity to take on leadership opportunities outside of my classes, and further build relationships with my peers outside of our academics. Additionally, the beautiful city of Madison was extremely captivating and can make anyone feel like they are home, so when I was awarded the Consortium Fellowship, it was ultimately a no-brainer!

Network! Network! Network! The Wisconsin School of Business is full of welcoming, supportive, and resourceful individuals who want to support you through this process! Reach out to as many students and staff members as you can to hear from their experiences here and get a great understanding of where you may fit in this community as well. Everyone is here to offer you advice as you are applying to be a part of the MBA program!

Fun fact:
My time as an English Teacher has completely altered my brain to where I can no longer consume any media without analyzing every aspect it. If you are looking for someone to dissect movies and music, I’m your guy!