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Weinert WAVE Advisory Board

Kay Plantes

Kay Plantes


Plantes Company

Kay Plantes is a Ph.D. economist out of MIT who has more than 25 years of experience helping leaders make better strategy decisions, faster. As a corporate strategist, Kay brings a unique blend of strategic thinking, creativity, candor, pragmatism, and market insights that help leadership teams and boards transcend the landscape of their current thinking and move to stronger and more exciting levels of performance.

Kay is exceptional in highly complex situations. Her ability to design meetings, shape conversations, and unearth fresh strategic insights helps businesses to develop stronger strategies and execution plans. She succeeds because she learns rapidly, thinks quickly on her feet, asks the right questions, keeps leaders focused, identifies new possibilities in any market, and insightfully challenges the leadership team’s implicit assumptions about their market and their role. Clients call Kay an invaluable and collaborative member of their teams and a key catalyst for moving their companies to a higher level of performance.

One measure of Kay’s success as a strategist is her diverse client base, consisting of large and small companies, consumer goods and B2B companies, non-profit associations and colleges and Universities. CEOs and Board Chairs seeking an outside partner to move their organization to a higher level of performance highly value Kay’s services.