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Weinert WAVE Advisory Board

Neil Peters-Michaud

Neil Peters-Michaud

Founder and CEO

Cascade Asset Management, LLC

Neil Peters-Michaud is a founder and owner of Cascade Asset Management, a Wisconsin based information technology retirement solutions provider. Neil started the company with his partner in April, 1999. Cascade now operates facilities in Madison, Indianapolis, and Orlando and has over 110 employees. The company has refurbished and recycled over 105 million pounds of computers and other electronic equipment. He currently serves on the boards of WasteCap Wisconsin and the Coalition for American Electronic Recyclers. Neil worked with the US EPA to build an electronics recycling operation in Ethiopia and has participated in government exchange programs in China and the Philippines. Neil holds an MBA from the UW School of Business and graduated from the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship Program in 1999. He was awarded the Entrepreneurship Student of the Year honor and “Forward Under 40” award from Wisconsin Alumni Association. He also earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Philosophy and Environmental Studies from Wisconsin.