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Weinert WAVE Advisory Board

Terry Sivesind

Terry Sivesind

President and Co-Founder

Poseidon Probes and Wisconsin Investment Partners

Terry Sivesind is an established entrepreneurial business leader whose career in biotechnology started as one of the early employees at Promega. After leaving Promega to help start PanVera Corporation, Terry was a co-founder in a series of biotech companies including MirusBio, TakaraBio USA, Metabiologics, Renovar, and Cellectar. He also co-founded Wisconsin Investment Partners, MERLIN Mentors, MadWorks Seed Business Accelerator, and StartingBlock Madison, entrepreneurial support groups that are all still in operation today providing resources to the Wisconsin start up community. Terry created the Silver Lining Foundation to provide grass roots donations to entrepreneurs and local residents who are in need of assistance.