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Actuarial Club – Reflections on Year

By Claire Liu, Actuarial Club President

May 16, 2022

The Actuarial Club had a busy and successful 2021-2022 school year packed with events and ways for students to make meaningful connections in an in-person environment.

Our success was built on the achievements, momentum, and student involvement from previous years. During my second and third years, Lakch Saraf (Club President ’19 – ‘20) and Aaron Lubich (Club President ’20 – ‘21) adapted to the virtual environment through the use of the club’s website and social media, virtual employer presentations, and Among Us socials. And coming back in-person, this year’s leadership incorporated the strengths of the virtual environment with the benefits of being back together through events such as hybrid and in-person employer presentations, a 7 Iron Social kickoff, and a virtual panel with actuaries from all over the world. We also learned the importance of connection and community with the club facilitating many connections with faculty, students, and employers working on diverse products and in different industries.

I am proud of the accomplishments of the club and the hard work of the officers. This school year we had 259 members, 16 employer presentations, 11 socials, 9 volunteer events, 1 Actuarial Club Night Out, 2 club kickoffs, and more than 46 Instagram posts (follow @actuarialclubuw and see faculty member and club advisor Kirk Peter bike race against faculty member Dani Bauer’s kid).

Thank you to the club officers Sarah O’Toole, Lauren Kelly, Evan Bitter, Catherine Cleveland, and Jing Kai Ong for their amazing work ethic, passion, and dedication to the club. They have continued to build on the social, engaging, and informative nature of the club and restored environments where students can connect with employers, faculty, and one another in person. Also, thank you to the committee members and class representatives for being especially proactive in supporting our new initiatives. The officer group is passing club leadership into good hands!

The Actuarial Club would not have been as successful without the support of Kirk Peter, Paul Johnson, Jodi Wortsman, and the rest of our phenomenal faculty and staff at UW-Madison — a big thank you for giving the club such a great support system! 

Thank you all and congratulations for an amazing school year!