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Creative Destruction Lab’s Mentors and Ventures Meet Face-to-Face

By Creative Destruction Lab - Wisconsin

October 24, 2022

On October 13 & 14, Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) – Wisconsin left the virtual world and hosted its first in-person mentorship events, which were a huge success. As many of you know, CDL hosts two streams: Health & Wellness, and Risk. For each stream, twenty ventures were invited to participate in Madison. More than twenty mentors for each stream also were involved to offer the founders their judgment. Hearing the mentors’ thoughtful comments, as well as the laughter among the group, demonstrated the value of being together in person, and the value even more of CDL – Wisconsin.

Also, in the audience for these sessions were 26 students who are taking the fall Creative Destruction Lab course, which focuses on a broad introduction to entrepreneurship and consultancy. In the spring, the course pairs students with participating ventures to support venture development. While the next two sessions this year will be in a virtual format, its organizers are looking forward to the opportunity to bring this group of thoughtful and creative thinkers together again in Madison in April 2023.

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