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Exploring Careers Outside My “Zone”

By Eva Arias

November 5, 2021

The virtual Co-Curricular Learning Board (CCLB) “Exploring Careers in Insurance” event was held on Wednesday, November 3, 2021, via Zoom with 14 company representatives and 120 students in attendance. The event was intended for company representatives to discuss with students their role in the insurance industry, explain interesting projects on which they work, and share the skillsets that they believe are needed to thrive in their position, as well as give an opportunity for students to ask questions.

Before the event, participating students were provided with a biography of each attending representative so the students could select the presentations that they wanted to attend. I felt that this allowed me to hear from representatives in fields that were better suited for me or that I had the most interest. On top of thoroughly reading the biographies, I researched different questions to ask the representatives in regards to their struggles, attributing qualities, and other related topics that would help navigate the networking portion of the night.

At the event, I was excited yet a bit nervous to be pushed out of my comfort zone. The event was structured and allowed students to utilize their time wisely with the representatives in a setting that was not intimidating. There were four sessions with each representative in which about four to eight students were present. The networking portion of the night was where I got to know the representatives on a more personal level. I have always admired and looked up to individuals in the workforce as those who hold all the answers to any problem. In my time talking to the company representatives, I was able to understand that during college they were in the same place, figuring out what path is meant for them, that I am in today. There were several representatives that I wish I had the opportunity to network with. However, I am comfortable that I will see them again, or meet someone in their position, at a future CCLB event.

I am grateful that the department was able to host the event on a nontraditional platform. The companies that compose the CCLB are truly passionate about the success of the students in the Risk and Insurance Department. This event has inspired me to push myself out of my comfort zone again and continue to attend future CCLB events.