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Executive MBA Student Spotlights

Grow as a Leader to Make a Greater Impact

Maureen Lewandowski

Maureen Lewandowski

University of Wisconsin‑Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2018
Current Job: Manager, Contact Center and Benefit Administration

Maureen is a customer experience expert who wanted to grow her career. She needed broader managerial skills and business knowledge to make a greater impact on her organization, and she wanted to tap into a community of top-level professionals for opportunities. Maureen enrolled in the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program and started growing her leadership abilities immediately. A year in, Maureen is learning essential business lessons, contributing at a higher level at work, and paving a confident path for career growth.

The Wisconsin Executive MBA Program allows me to build my skills in a very collaborative and supportive environment. Working with a diverse group of executives, you’re able to dive into business areas that are foreign to you while sharing your own experiences with the group. You work on team projects often and learn from each other’s perspectives. For example, I learned how to analyze a business based on its financials and how to leverage new technology to work more effectively in a remote environment. These are just two helpful lessons I’ve learned just by collaborating on coursework and networking with other executives in the program.

The program structure helps working professionals grow. The design and order of the classes has been excellent. Each class builds off of the one previous: One class provides a skill, and the next class lets you apply that skill. It’s easy to chart your progress and see tangible results as you move through the

The faculty members are world-renowned academics and business leaders. Each instructor shares a unique research or corporate perspective. Plus, all of the faculty are truly invested in the success of each student, offering extra support as needed. They really challenge you to think deeply and reflect on what is being taught.

You learn skills to make businesses run better and how to be a more effective leader. The program balances lessons on business essentials and leadership and management development. The Wisconsin Executive MBA Program allows you to critically think about who you are and how you interact with those around you to make a positive impact.

My MBA is pushing me to learn and grow—things successful leaders need to do. I’m contributing at a high level at work and see a clear path to career fulfillment. My goals and aspirations are still the same, but the confidence I have in achieving what I want has multiplied. Earning your MBA in a program filled with high-achieving professionals may seem intimidating, but Wisconsin’s program is perfect for people looking to reach their highest potentials as executives.

Overall, I am truly glad that I am part of the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program. I have had an amazing time thus far and think when the program is complete, I will miss it. The cohort and the faculty have made this experience exceptional so far!