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Being a part of the Business Badger family doesn’t end after you leave campus. From joining an advisory board to mentoring the next generation of students, there are many ways to lend your time.

Mentorship Opportunities

Share your experience and connect with other Badgers no matter where you’re at in your career.

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Badger Bridge

Badger Bridge provides a platform for networking with Badgers in your field, at leading organizations, and in communities around the world. 

Mentor graduating students and offer support in achieving career goals and exploring professional opportunities.

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Madison Business Mentoring

Madison Business Mentoring (MBM) is a student organization affiliated with WSB that helps students prepare for the business world by pairing each student with a professional mentor.

WSB Advisory Boards

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Wisconsin School of Business advisory boards provide guidance, advice, and support to help the School achieve its strategic objectives.

  • Wisconsin Business Alumni Board
  • External Advisory Board
  • Diversity Advisory Board
  • Knowledge Center Boards

Interested in joining a board?

The Alumni Voice Panel

The Alumni Voice Panel is an opportunity for you to share your voice. Every year, we invite alumni to share their insights and opinions on alumni programming, events, and communications. Your work on the panel provides valuable insights that help us improve the alumni and student experience.

If you are interested in getting involved, make sure your contact information is up to date and look for the panel invitation in your inbox in the winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

An exclusive online panel of WSB alumni who are willing to share their experiences and opinions to have an impact on the School.

Activities will primarily include surveys. Topics will vary based on needs within the School but will range from influencing alumni activities, student programming, or other School initiatives.

There is a minimal time commitment. You will receive about one survey a month and there is the opportunity to participate in other interesting research activities on occasion. This shouldn’t require more time than it takes to complete a survey (typically less than 10 minutes a month).

Your participation will be noted in our records, but all information you provide will be kept confidential. Your personal information will not be released to any other companies or organizations unless your consent is provided.

The Alumni Voice Panel is open to all WSB alumni, regardless of engagement level.

Participants will be contacted via email. You should expect to receive a survey
invite about once a month and we’ll also share a newsletter every quarter to highlight what we learned.

There will be an option to opt out of the panel when we contact you via email. You may also reach out to the team directly at to change your preference. We refresh our panel list annually. However, we hope that you decide to stay involved!

Please feel free to reach out to for questions, comments or feedback. We value your input and expertise and we hope you will enjoy helping us to better serve our alumni community. Together Forward!

Stay Connected

Cultivating relationships is the foundation of WSB’s strong alumni network, and those relationships start here. Tell us how you want to get involved—whether that be by sharing your time, resources, or advice.

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