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Professional MBA Student Ambassadors

Johnny Kohlbeck

Johnny Kohlbeck

Madison, WI

Current Job Title:
Business Process Analyst

Post-MBA career goal:
I believe my MBA degree will help me enhance my career at my current position in the short term and advance my career into upper management in the long run. I also believe it will help me become a better teacher, mentor, and lecturer later on in my career.

Why choose Wisconsin MBA?
The mixture of program prestige, academic rigor, affordability, and flexibility to fit inside my busy schedule made the Wisconsin Professional MBA Program a no-brainer.

If you can, come to a prospective student day and experience the program for yourself; sitting in on one of the classes confirmed for me that this was the exact sort of learning environment I was looking for. If an in-person visit isn’t an option for you, set up a prospective student call with the program staff and ask them any and all questions you may have.

Fun fact:
I once backpacked across Europe for 3 months.