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Professional MBA Student Ambassadors

Laurel Heaton

Laurel Heaton

Green Bay, WI

Current Job Title:
Driver Recruitment Manager at Midwest Carriers

Post-MBA career goal:
After earning my professional MBA, I want to work in human resources and grow in the field by taking on leadership roles, introducing cutting-edge HR procedures, creating a happy work environment, and coordinating HR plans with overarching business goals to have a significant impact on productivity and performance of the organization.

Why choose Wisconsin MBA?
Because of its stellar reputation, which matches my career objectives and guarantees a solid basis for my professional development, I decided to enroll in the Wisconsin Professional MBA Program.

In order to improve academic and professional experiences, I advise prospective students thinking about enrolling in the Wisconsin Professional MBA Program to do their homework on the program’s distinctive offerings, faculty experience, and alumni success; speak with current students or graduates for their perspectives; determine whether the program aligns with their career goals; attend information sessions or campus visits; and take advantage of networking opportunities.

Fun fact:
During the Northridge earthquakes, I had the rare privilege of being interviewed on television and offering my personal thoughts and views regarding the seismic occurrences that affected the neighborhood.