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Full-Time MBA Student Ambassadors

Logan Borgsmiller

Logan Borgsmiller
Undergraduate Major: Political Science & International Studies
Graduation Year: 2024
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Pre-MBA career experience:
Assistant Manager; Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Post-MBA career goal:
Product Manager in the technology or financial services sectors

Why choose Wisconsin MBA?
The specialized learning track in Technology, Strategy, Product Management aligned perfectly with my professional goal to pivot into the product management space. The generous financial aid package, strong alumni network, positive employment outcomes, and collaborative culture at Wisconsin also heavily factored into my decision.

Reflect intently on your professional goals and how the Wisconsin MBA Program would help you to realize those goals. Also, connect with current students early on in the application process to develop a complete picture of the program (e.g. culture, academics, etc.)

Fun fact:
I hiked Mount Kilimanjaro in 2018 and would highly recommend the experience to anyone who enjoys hiking and/or a good challenge!