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Full-Time MBA Student Ambassadors

Prachi Garg

Prachi Garg
Undergraduate Major: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2025
Hometown: Muzaffarnagar

Pre-MBA career experience:
System Engineer, Infosys Pvt Ltd

Post-MBA career goal:
Human Resource Associate or Human Resource Business Partner

Why choose Wisconsin MBA?
I choose Wisconsin MBA because of its incredible HR program. The environment is extremely inclusive and collaborative. Every student ambassador I talked to was always ready to help which in turn made me realize that this is the kind of school I want to be a part of.

The only advice I would give is that if you genuinely want to be a part of an inclusive, diverse and motivating environment, then come to Wisconsin. The wonderful alumni network of Wisconsin MBA is always ready to help.

Fun fact:
I love Cats. I cannot wait to get a British shorthair cat.