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Full-Time MBA Student Ambassadors

Raghav Jain

Raghav Jain
Undergraduate Major: Instrumentation and control engineering
Graduation Year: 2024
Hometown: Ambala City

Pre-MBA career experience:
Project Manager at EXL

Post-MBA career goal:
Still exploring between consulting and product management

Why choose Wisconsin MBA?
The specialization based MBA made sense to me and I wanted to study in one of the best universities. The alum is super friendly and helpful. The MBA has good connections with major industry leaders. Also, I got a full scholarship which made the decision really easy!

Talk to people who are already in the program you’ll know how the culture is so nice. The small cohort speaks a lot about close knit culture. The town is really amazing – we have two lakes around the campus. The badger community is really strong and the school will do everything to support you in your journey. The people of Madison are very friendly. Locations of the school is really important.

Fun fact:
I am not allowed to wear black until I get married.