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Full-Time MBA Student Ambassadors

Shagun Singh

Shagun Singh
Undergraduate Major: Engineering - Electronics and Telecommunication
Graduation Year: 2025
Hometown: Mumbai (India)

Pre-MBA career experience:
Regional Director | Marcus Evans Group

Post-MBA career goal:

Why choose Wisconsin MBA?
I chose the Wisconsin MBA Program for its unique blend of a diverse yet close-knit community. The program’s focus on applied learning within my chosen specialization allows me to curate my curriculum, fostering a quicker path to achieving my goals. It’s one of the few schools offering such specialization options, making it the perfect fit for me.

I would advise prospective students considering the Wisconsin MBA Program to embrace the benefits of its diverse community and applied learning approach. The specialized curriculum empowers you to tailor your education towards your goals, while the close-knit environment fosters meaningful connections and collaboration. Moreover, the program’s emphasis on connecting with people from diverse cultural, professional, and geographical backgrounds will significantly broaden your horizons as a business professional.

Fun fact:
I am a trained equestrian and have been horse riding for the last 21 years.