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Graaskamp Patron Advisory Board

Lorrie Heinemann


Madison Development Corporation

Lorrie (Keating) Heinemann is the President of Madison Development Corporation (MDC), a nonprofit economic development corporation with over $50 million in assets located in Madison, WI.  Prior to MDC, Lorrie was the Wisconsin DFI Cabinet Secretary overseeing Banking and Securities regulations.  During her tenure, Heinemann co-founded the Tech Council’s Investor Network and helped create the Wisconsin Portfolio, which tracks Investment activity in Wisconsin. MDC develops, owns and manages workforce housing in Madison, including the 44-unit Graaskamp Apartments.  In 2020, Lorrie launched the $11.8 million Dane Workforce Housing Fund, LLC with the region’s major employers and together they helped create 747 new housing units by filling gaps in capital stacks. Fund II is underway.

Heinemann received her MBA in Finance from UW Oshkosh. She has been an entrepreneur and investor for 30+ years. Lorrie is the youngest of 12 children of Mary Lou Zander (Business ‘39) and Joseph Keating (Engineering ’41), both UW alums who acquired a Telephone Co in 1946 after Joe served in WW II. The Thorp Telephone Company was the economic engine which provided the work experience that helped the Keatings finance 18 UW degrees.