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Grainger Executive Advisory Board

Steve Loehr

Steve Loehr

Vice President, Global Technology Services, Retired


Steve graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1988 with a degree in Industrial Engineering. He has held technical and management positions throughout IBM’s supply chain, hardware and services brands as well as corporate headquarters, where his focus has been on optimizing and driving operational and process improvements. He has global operational experience, having managed operations for IBM in the US, Europe, and Asia, as well as working directly on-site with key clients to strengthen excellence in IT services delivery.

As the Chief Security, Regulatory and Risk Officer for Global Technology Services, Steve leads a team responsible for cybersecurity risk management strategy, solutions and execution, as well as ensuring that security and regulatory requirements as defined by contracts, industry policies, and legislation are adhered to, in order to protect the systems and data of clients.

Steve is on the Executive Advisory Boards for the University of Wisconsin Grainger MBA school as well as the Mercy College MBA school. He is an avid runner and skier, has 2 children and resides in the Hudson Valley of New York with his wife Lori.