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The Center for Brand and Product Management at the Wisconsin School of Business was originally established in order to fill a gap in business education—no one was training business students to be top-notch brand and product managers.

The Center was established in 2002 by Scott Cook—co-founder of Intuit, Inc. the maker of Quicken, QuickBooks, and TurboTax—and his wife Signe Ostby, former vice president of marketing for Software Publishing Corporation. Both of these leaders began their careers as brand managers, and both continue to play a hands-on role in the Center to this day.

Leaders Committed to Student Success

Today, the Center brings together top executives from leading companies, including multinational corporations, as well as advertising agencies and other related businesses. These professionals are committed to guiding, mentoring, and advising brand and product management students in the Wisconsin MBA Program.

The industry leaders who contribute their time and expertise to the Center help create a unique environment for hands-on learning. Many of these seasoned professionals are integrally involved as members of the Center’s advisory board, while others serve as guest lecturers or provide students with challenging case studies for class projects. Several are alumni of the University of Wisconsin–Madison themselves.

The Center for Brand and Product Management represents a singular, highly effective model in business education. By bringing high-level executives from leading companies into direct contact with students, faculty, and staff, the Center helps shape the future of the industry and launches successful careers.

Selected Industry Partners

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